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Bus Fleets of the Red & White Group

A fleet history of the group which initially operated in the Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire areas and when nationalised in 1950 was the largest independent bus company in the country.

Model Railways

Electrically Operated Model Railway Level Crossing Gates

Here is a way of constructing gates where a minor road crosses a single line. Only one gate is provided each side of the track and the operation  involves sequential closure of the gates.

BR(WR) Model Railway in 4mm Scale

A 1950s fictitious Western Region branch railway operated by DCC and incorporating the level crossing gates described above.


Locomotives on the South Wales Railway in 1859

Details of the broad gauge locomotives and where they were stationed.

Railway Publications

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Richard’s Transport Pages Portskewett Railways

The Bristol & South Wales Union Railway and the New Passage Ferry

A detailed history of the railway and ferry service which linked Bristol and South Wales from 1863 until the opening of the Severn Tunnel in 1886.

Portskewett Railways

A small village in Monmouthshire with a fascinating railway story starting in 1850 with the opening of the South Wales Railway.

Bristol & South Wales Union Railway and the New Passage Ferry